Panther Creek Clubhouse Dress Code

Section 7. To ensure proper attire in the clubhouse and the club grounds, Panther Creek Country Club has adopted a Dress Code as follows
1.   Bathing suits, swimsuit cover-ups, cutoffs, gym or jogging suits of any kind are not considered acceptable in the clubhouse.
2.   Walking shorts with a hem of at least five (5) inches above the back of the knee are considered acceptable attire.
3.    Halter or tank tops are considered improper attire for women.
4.    Muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts, T-shirts are not considered acceptable attire for men.
5.    T-Shirts with suggestive or offensive language or logos are not considered acceptable.
6.   Denim attire of any color, such as but not limited to jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, shirts or shorts, are not considered acceptable except in the  Grill Room, Panther’s Den or on such designated occasions.  (Denim with holes, tears, insignias or worn below the waist, etc. are not considered acceptable at any time).
7.   Hats, Caps & Visors are not permitted to be worn by gentlemen in the Grill Room, Main Dining Room or Private Dining Rooms.
Section 8. Smoking is not allowed in any indoor space of the Clubhouse.  Smoking is only allowed in those designated outdoor areas.